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Please read carefully before buying!


This listing is for one "crystal confetti" style random scoop from the dice lucky dip treasure chest, as seen on my TikTok!

These are also available as a monthly scoop subscription at 20% off the regular price, sent automatically to you every month with new goodies and surprises!

The vibe I was aiming for is fantasy adventurer, so the chest includes a mixture of polyhedral dice, necklace pendants, silver charms, inspiration tokens, genuine crystals, metal fantasy coins, D&D pins, and handmade jewellery.

A full list of everything currently in the box will be below, and there is a possibility to get any of those in your scoop. I always try to include one big/more valuable item and at least one smaller item per scoop, so you always get something cool with your dice!


(If you are looking for just dice, my mystery dice sets or random d6 bags may interest you- check out my other listings for those!)


The photos and videos contain examples of a how much you get from a single scoop (the scoop is approximately 30ml/2 tablespoons,) they usually contain 8-12 dice and at least one valuable item and at least one smaller item.
The box is updated frequently so items may change over time (I will keep the list below up to date as things are added and removed)

Some items may be seconds, meaning they have cosmetic defects- they are still perfectly usable!


-Polyhedral dice
-Poly dice with inclusions
-Spot d6s
-Raw crystals
-Mini crystal bottles
-Metal fantasy coins
-Enamel pins
-Glow-in-the-dark faux crystal pendants
-Crystal pendants
-Large Tibetan silver pendants 
-Tibetan silver charms
-Faux pearl beads
-Dragon eye cabochons 
-Adjustable rings

-Resin terrain pieces

…and more!

*Please note that due to such high demand, I only film scoops for TikTok if requested- please let me know in the notes at checkout or via email if you'd like yours to be posted on @magpiedie

Mystery Dice Confetti Scoop

PriceFrom £6.80
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Dice Scoop
20% off!
£6.80every month until canceled
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