Potion of Healing (Roller & Dice)

Handmade Health Potion Roller
Contains enough 4-sided-dice to roll regular, greater, superior, and supreme potions!


A corked glass potion bottle filled with a layer of shimmering resin and finished with a beautiful wax seal.

The potion roller comes with 5 d4s that can be shaken within the bottle to roll anything from a regular healing potion to a supreme healing potion! Simply remove dice as needed, or double-up for those big heals!

Multiple colours and sizes available with matching translucent dice



-10cm tall (including cork)
-6cm diameter
-150ml capacity (before resin)


-14.5cm tall (including cork)
-7cm diameter
-300ml capacity (before resin)


If you have a special request (extra glitter, dual colours, etc.) please drop me a message so we can discuss details!


These potion rollers are handmade, so colours may vary bottle to bottle. There may also be minor imperfections in the layers such as bubbles, but this will not affect the overall performance of the roller!

Potion of Healing (Roller & Dice)

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